My name is Sarah Fernandez, I’m a game artist and animator. I have been working in the industry since 2007, designing and creating game content. I enjoy being challenged and improving my skills and software knowledge base.

Before I began my career path as a game artist I spent a brief time as game tester. That experience has given me a unique perspective when developing assets, interfaces and menus and gameplay experiences with consideration to things a user will deal with on a regular basis. Things that might sound fantastic in concept but somewhere along the pipeline discover an idea deterred from the immersion to the game if a frequently used element is placed in an unintuitive place. I’d like to try to foresee those things as much as possible because that sort of experience can make great games work against themselves.

In my career I have contributed to A-list titles and Garage games alike. I’ve created isometric vectors, flash animations prepped for ingame usage, visual effects, icons, menus, logos, interfaces and user experiences. I’ve designed gameplay based around cloned mechanics while keeping the experience fresh and different. I have a solid work ethic, positive attitude and love making games!